Sunday, December 7, 2014

Heroine Tag

Halo! Welcome back to my blog! I'm here to do the Heroine Tag. This tag was created by My Little Corner for Books and I was tagged by Haley from My Addiction Books. And here we go!

1. Which heroine would you trade places with? 
Hm... Of to a harsh start... I don't know, I feel like I'm not fit for any of them because of how much they all go through, but if I can shoulder it, I would pick Annabeth of the PJO and HoO by Rick Riordan. She goes through hard things, but she is all the things that I want to be and more.

2. Which heroine would you push off a cliff and hope that there are some jagged rocks at the bottom?
I'm in the minority here, but Cassie from The 5th Wave. I just don't like her. Or the book, for that matter.

3. Heroine you couldn't care less about? They're so bland that they don't even trigger the hate in you?
Sadie from the Kane Chronicles. I don't know, this whole series is bland, in my opinion. And this broke my heart because it's Rick Riordan, but that's the truth.

4. Heroine you thought you wouldn't like and ending up liking and vice versa? I don't read books unless I know I'll like them, so I have no answers for this. The heroine that I thought I would like but didn't is again, Cassie.

5. Side heroine who is much more interesting than main heroine?
Ringer. I liked her a lot more than Cassie.

6. Which heroine would you want as your friend?
Cinder, because she is sassy, down-to-earth and awkward, like me.

7. Which heroine do you wish would just CHOOSE (between the guys in her little love triangle)?
Lina of the Delirium trilogy. I just wish she would choose Alex or Julian, especially with how the series ended.

8. "Bad girl" heroine?
Celaena Sardothean, she is one of the most baddass heroines I've ever read about.

9. "Good girl" heroine?
Annabeth and Hermione, they're pretty awesome.

10. Your favorite heroine of them all? (If you can't choose, pick your top 3.)
Oh, wow.
3. Annabeth Chase
2. Hermione Granger
1. Celaena Sardothean

So. That was my Heroine Tag Tag. It was a really fun tag, you guys should do it. I'm not going to tag anyone this time, so if you decided to do this, feel free to say that I tagged you. And if you guys decide to do it, please leave the link of your video or post down below :D

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  1. *gasp!* I'm from Little Corner for Books and imagine my surprise while browsing through blogs and seeing that one of them has a tag created by us! A lovely surprise! :)

    Annabeth is AMAZING! <3 <3 <3 Love her! :)
    I haven't read 5th Wave but I've heard such amazing things about it! Shame you didn't like it!
    RIGHT?!?! I hardly remember anything from Kane Chronicles other than something about a river and the Sun. Though I think I liked Sadie. *shrugs*

    Our Top 3 favourite heroines are the same! :D

    Great post! Awesome answers! :)
    ~Fari 0:)
    A Recent Blog Post: Does the Guilt Crush You? @ My Little Corner For Books (Warning: Involves chihuahuas, awesomeness/weirdness depending on how you look at it and guilty confessions about DNF-ing books! XD)