Saturday, November 29, 2014

Would You Rather Book Tag

Halo! Welcome back to my blog! I'm here to do the Would You Rather Book Tag. This tag was created by RayKayBooks and I was tagged by Courtney from CourtneyReads. She tagged me a very long time ago and I just forgot about it, so... Without further ado, let's get started :)

Would you rather...

1) Read only trilogies or stand alone novels? I would probably read only trilogies, because I haven't read that many stand alone that I love. Plus, I like to get attached to my characters :)

2) Read only female or only male authors? This is a pretty hard one, but I would probably only read female authors, because most of the books that I love are written by females. But still though... I wouldn't be able to read Rick Riordan's books... No.....

3) Buy books online or in store? If I had the money and time, I would definitely buy books in stores. I just like the feeling of being surrounded by books.

4) Have books made into movies or tv shows? Books made into TV shows, because movies usually miss some details and character development.

5) Read five pages a day or five books per week? Definitely five books per week. That way, I'll go through my TBR faster :)

6) Be a professional reviewer or author? Author. 100%. First of all, I'm horrible at reviews, and I really want to write a book, even though I'm usually horrible at writing too. :P

7) Read only your top 20 books over and overread only new books? Hm... I think I'd like to read only new books, but only if I can read my top 20 books one last time.

8) Be a librarian or a bookseller? A bookseller. Just imagine, me being a bookseller, surrounded with people who loves reading too. It just seems so awesome.

9) Only read your favorite genre or all genres except your favorite? Hmmm.... I don't really have a favorite genre, because I like everything YA, so I guess I'll just read my favorite genre.

10) Read only physical or only ebooks? Only physical books, because they're so beautiful...

I'm going to tag a few people:
Isabeau of Just Keep Reading
Savannah of Sarcasmpersuasion
Charlotte of Bookmarks and Blogging

So. That was my Would You Rather Tag. It was a really fun tag, you guys should do it. And yeah, that's it for today. Oh, if you guys decide to do it, please leave the link of your video or post down below :D

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