Monday, December 29, 2014

Day 1 - Reading Rewind 2014

Hi guys! This is Day 8 of the Winter Re-Read-a-Thon and Day 1 of the My Year in Books week! Today's topic (as you've probably seen from the title) is Reading Rewind. I was inspired to do this by YouTube Rewind 2014. It's just a way to summarize our reading for the year of 2014, because I think it will be interesting to look back at this, say, three years from now. Anyways, let's just get started.

So 2014 was a year of reading, discoveries and firsts. I read 153 books this year (+ November and December of 2013), mostly YA. I discovered YA back in November last year, which is why I'm adding it to the count because I can't remember which book I read during those two months. Until the beginning of this year, I was completely unaware of booktube, goodreads, and many other things. I discovered that there was a community of people who also liked reading and discussing the beautiful things called books. I discovered that there was another way to keep track of your books other than writing them in a piece of paper. I discovered and participated in my first readathon -the Booktubeathon, which was a lot of fun. During the summer, I stumbled upon what would be my first book blog. Summer was crazy for me. I remember furiously reading books after books and my proudest moment, which was finished the Order of the Phoenix, an 870 pages book on one day, which was the last day of the Booktubeathon. This year was also when I made this blog, which I did on a whim, but am not regreting. My first cry over a book (Clockwork Princess), my first book hangover (also, after Clockwork Princess), and my first reading slump. Yup. And this was after Booktubeathon.

Well, this year was one heck of a reading year, and I am so very excited for 2015!

P.S. How are you guys doing on the Winter Re-Read-a-Thon?

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