Saturday, December 20, 2014

Winter Re-Read-a-Thon Challenges

Halo! It's almost the date for our readathon and the challenges are here! There are challenges for the whole readathon, and there are giveaway challenges.

First, here are your Winter Re-Read-a-Thon challenges!
Re-read a standalone
Re-read 6 books
Re-read the first book you remember reading (that you own)
Re-read a book by your favorite childhood author

Secondly, you will need to write a wrap up that includes:
A poem made of all the book titles you've read
5 favorite quotes from all the books you re-read
Comparison with the first time you've read the book

The hosts, Emily and Anna has provided giveaway challenges that will last until the last day of the readathon, here are the links:

Anna: 1st Giveaway (1st day - 6th day) - Unquenchable Reads
Emily: 2nd Giveaway (7th day - 12 day) - Rooftop Reading

There will be twitter sprints on our twitter account on these dates:
22 December
24 December
26 December
28 December
30 December
1 January

You are welcome to make daily posts, or you can post daily updates in the goodreads thread. Please post the links to your TBR down one the comments!

P.S. If you haven't signed up yet, do it here!

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