Saturday, September 20, 2014

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas Book Review

So here is my long overdue book review. I actually pre-wrote this, kind of, and I don't know why I didn't post it. So here you go!

My initial reaction after reading this book was Wow! That was awesome! I just love how sassy Celeana and Chaol is!

And can we just admire the beautiful new covers?

This story follow Celaena Sardothean, Adarlan's most notorious assassin. When she was seventeen, she was captured and punished for her crimes by getting put in a death camp. A year later she is offered freedom by the crown prince, Dorian. He offers that if she competes for him in a competition to find the King's Assassin, if she wins, after 4 years, she will be free. And then the story goes on from there.

Throne of Glass is such an intricate story with sassiness (that's a word), humor, and awesomeness woven into it. The characters are very interesting to read about, and you really want to know their back story, how they came to be.


Celaena is such a kick-ass character who doesn't give care what anybody thinks, except a few person ehmSAMehm (in the beginning). She starts off being sort of whiney and ends up being awesome.

So the love triangle. I really like how the love triangle is just a small thing in this big epic thing. There are still so many things happening. The love triangle is not the main thing. Celaena is fine on her own, she does not rely on the boys at all.

That being said, I'm team Chaol. I mean I really like Dorian, but I feel like Chaol and Celaena will last longer. He's a lot more mature, and he holds Celaena back. He knows how capable Celaena is and he doesn't cover it or under-estimate he also doesn't go easy on her at all.

So the plot. I love the way Celaena doesn't give a crap that Dorian is the crown prince, she was still as sassy. I really like the way that she rubs in the fact that she can kill the people around in just a few seconds. 

The tests. I really thought that they would be really crazy and epic. But, I mean, it doesn't bother me that much even though it was a bit slow at those points.

Her past is so brutal And I really like how Sarah J. Maas didn't even try to cover it. I mean, the lady who helped her the first night of death camp was raped and killed. I mean, what the heck?! And Sam, oh Sam (you'll understand if you read The Assassin's Blade). And also her parents. Killed on their bed at night beside Caleana herself when she was what, eight? WHAT?!

The murderer. Cain. Even though it was predictable, I think there's a lot more to it that we just don't know about (yet). But I, for one was not bothered by it at all.

I loved it when Celaena was finally revealing her skills. You go girl! I mean, their (the contestants) expression was so awesome. UGH CELAENA IS JUST SO AWESOME

Oh, and the battle between her and Cain was, in my opinion, a bit long and a bit confusing. This, of course, totally made sense since Celaena is basically drugged, but it was still awesome though. Especially the part when Cain was stabbed. Awesome.

I've read the Assassin's Blade, and I really think you guys should read it. I think the best way is to read Throne of Glass to get the idea of the story and then read The Assassin's Blade to get more of her past and then go along with the series. I promise that it's not at all boring, and I think is important because we see how she was before the salt mines.  And who Sam is.

So yeah, that was a lot longer than what I expected, but oh well. What did you think of Throne of Glass?


  1. I really enjoyed Throne of glass too. I'm really interested to see who she ends up with but I haven't quite decided whose team i'm on yet.

  2. I really want to read this ASAP! Everyone tells me how good it is, and I want to start it soon. OH... that TBR.