Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mockingjay Part 1 Official Trailer Review


So I, stupidly enough, forgot all about the trailer until I came home from school to see that my twitter feed has exploded with OH MY GOD THE TRAILER WAS SO EPIC!!! In some form. So, I quickly watched the trailer and may or may not have clapped and squealed multiple times.

After that I cooled down for a second, watched it a few more times with the same reaction, and finally started analyzing it. So here we go! (I suggest that you play the trailer in the background and put it on repeat whilst reading this post, check it out here).

That thumbnails though.... It looks so epic.... Asdfghjkl. First off, let's start with the music. It sounds awesome! It has the right amount of emotional, action and suspense, which is basically the recipe for an awesome trailer. When Snow was talking, he looked like a lunatic! I was personally creeped out! He looked like madman! District 13 looks amazing. It looks, depressing, military-styled, and absolutely dull. The action sequences with the water and the guns were scary! Her reaction to seeing Peeta! Just. Jennifer Lawrence is brilliant!! And when she was saying how if they don't rescue Peeta "you'll have to find another Mockinjay"? Just SO BRILLIANT! And if you look in the background, Coin looks exactly how I pictured her! She was surprised at how firm Katniss is, but she was hiding it, she also has this sense of control in which she just knows that she is in control. Katniss's expression when she saw the district (I forgot which one) burned? SO AWESOME. I really really like the way that Cressida's hair is styled, and also a big shout out to whoever made Katniss' Mockingjay costume because it looks amazing! It looks awesome! Oh, and also when everybody else were saluting to her? GAHHHH!! I don't know why, but I really like the hug between her and Haymitch. Oh, and the water flood thing at night? What is that? It was frickin scary! And the ending scene, when she was shooting those jet planes? I NEED THIS MOVIE IN MY LIFE!!!

Is it really going to cut or THAT point? You know what I'm talking about! (If you've read the books) that would be so AGHHH. I'm actually happy that they split it into two, because we need more explanations, but having to wait A YEAR to see what happens after that point? GAHHHH

Oh, and also, a huge shout out too the Hunger Games marketing team for putting together these epic trailers and teaser trailers...
I have faith in all the people who are working on this movie, so I'm confident that the movie will be AWESOME

*Edit: How could I forget Effie!!! Ahhh!!! I love how depressed she looks, you can see it from they way she was forced to downplay her outfits.. Oh, and that tiny glimpse of Finnick? (No spoilers!) I loved it!

So yeah! Thanks for reading this insanely repetitive post. If you can count how many times I wrote brilliant, awesome, or anything in that nature, you get cookies ;) Basically, I'm so excited for this, and November cannot come soon enough!! GAHHHH


  1. I saw the trailer earlier, too! For some reason, it didn't hold the same appeal to me as the other trailers have. I'm not sure why. It could be the editing of the trailer. But I will say that President Snow's creep factor was off the charts! He is such an amazing actor! And Finnick's face when he turned to Katniss! :(

    Julia @ http://www.thebookofjules.blogspot.com

    1. I know where you're coming from. It definitely didn't have the same 'oh sh*t' factor, because it doesn't make you feel like you're part of the movie, which is what we have come to expect from anything Mockingjay. In my opinion, it's more realistic, as in it tells a lot about the movie and what's actually in it, rather than to just promote it. And yes, I do have to agree with you on Snow's creep factor, he is a brilliant actor :D

  2. I absolutely can NOT wait until this movie is out! It falls right around my sister's birthday every year, so my family has made it a bit of a tradition to go see it together.

    I am also glad that they split the book into two movies. I definitely think there is enough material for it. Plus, even though we have to wait, it is an extra year of anxious excitement! I'm going to be so sad when all is said and done.

    Anyway, nice review!

    Natalie @ www.natalialeighbooks.blogspot.com

    1. That's an awesome tradition! It's going to be so sad letting go of these movies... But, we might as well enjoy it while it lasts :D