Saturday, September 13, 2014

Back to School Tag

This is the Back to School Tag, and yes, I know that it's long overdue, but life happened, so yeah... I was tagged by Athena from Into the Mind of a Reader, who is the creator of this tag (check out her blog).

You've just started back and your workload has already increased. Which short book would you read that wouldn't take up too much time?  I honestly don't read that much book that's short, but probably the Percy Jackson books because of how fun they are, and I assume that I need some fun if there's school.

You are in English class and your teacher says you will be spending the lesson reading an assigned book. What book did you have to read for school, but ended up really enjoying? Does Summer Reading count? Because if yes than I have quiet a few. First one being Cinder, then Wonder, The Running Dream, and Note of an Aciddental Band Geek. (Since I'm still in middle school, my summer reading is extremely easy :P)

You and your friends have had an argument and you are feeling quite upset. What book never fails to cheer you up? I don't know. When I'm upset I usually just go to YouTube and listen to weepy songs (Sam Smith & A Great Big World!). But, I do have some books that made me really happy when I read it, does that count? Well, it's Rebel Belle and Cinder :D

You've been given detention. What book do you wish you have that could pass the time? Throne of Glass or The Assassin's Blade because they're so action packed.

The bell rings for lunch time! Name a food from a book you would love to try. This is a really cliche answer, but butterbeer

You have a ton of homework to do and one of your assignments is to write a short story. What author's writing style do you most enjoy reading? I really Beth Revis's writing styles with the occasional one-word-a-page, black pages, and very scary blank pages.

Uh oh, exam time! The nerves are getting to you. Which book do you read to calm yourself down? I generally just, well, study to avoid this. But, the book that makes me feel relaxed is Wonder by R. J. Palacio.

You did amazingly well on your exams and are given some money as a reward. What book(s) do you rush out to buy? This is easy. The Lunar Chronicles and the Throne of Glass series. Note that I only buy books that I really like, because I borrow most of my books.

Summer is almost upon us. What book do you read to get you into the mood for the fun and excitement that summer brings? Probably the Harry Potter books, because I read them all this summer, and I will forever associate those books with summer.

I tag Britnee from Britnee Bryan (check her blog here) and Emily from rooftopreading (check her out here). If you want to do this, feel free to do it. I personally think that it's a fun tag :D

But yeah! That's it for today, I'll post more next week :D


  1. Love your answers:) Thank you for doing my tag!