Friday, November 7, 2014

Onyx by Jennifer L. Armentrout Book Review

Halo there It's been a while. Here is my book review for Onyx, and I'm sorry for the shortness of it.


Katy: Her character development in this book alone is great. I felt like her bookish aspects of the book was explained more and was incorporated more in the story, which I really liked. And her turning into a kickass alien mutation thing was pretty awesome. I really liked how her feelings for Daemon fueled her to train and to try to get better. Granted, with the wrong person, but still. I like that she wants to be his EQUAL, not his problem.

Daemon: Daemon was definitely something. While I still am not completely in the "Daemon is so.. *swoon" boat, I liked how he changed and was more open.

Blake: I hated him, and I was suspicious of Blake the moment we met him. He seemed to convenient. But now, that I think about it, I sorta feel bad for him because he was put in the spot against his will.

Will: Now, Will, I hated. He was so twisted in his own way. He was so bitter from his disease that he's willing to do anything to not get sick again. And also, he slept with Katy's mom to do it. Ick.

Dee: I wished we had more Dee, because I missed her during this book. I was sad and shocked when Adam died, because I didn't think that this book was the kind that killed people -more of a fluffy book.

I really liked how the DOD played a much bigger part in this book and how we get more background info on  Dawson and Bethany.

And also, what the heck? How is Dawson alive?

This was such a big improvement from Obsidian! I'll definitely be continuing on with this series :D

Anyways, that was all my thoughts about this book. What did you guys think of this book?

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