Saturday, August 23, 2014

Top 5 Love Triangles

I am a part of the Top 5 Wednesday goodreads group. This week’s topic is Top 5 Love Triangles. I know it’s really late, but as I’ve said, I am on vacation and the hotel that I was staying at for the past few days have horrible wi-fi. (This was supposed to be posted in August 13th, by the way)

I usually have a preference of who a character should be with so love triangles don’t usually affect my opinions very much, but here we go:
5. Julian, Lina, & Alex of the Delirium Trilogy: This is not exactly my one of my favorites, but I haven't read a lot of books with love triangles, so. Yeah.
4. Reyna, Jason, & Piper of the Heroes of Olympus Series: I’m not sure if this is really a lovje triangle, but it is one of my favorites because I feel sympathy for everyone. Jason had lost his memory, Piper had memories that Jason was her boyfriend which she didn’t realize was fake, and Reyna, who had always been alone, was forced to face Jason with a new girlfriend after he was gone for almost half a year when she had always have feelings for him and was one of Jason’s close friend before he disappeared.
3. Peeta, Katniss, & Gale of the Hunger Games Trilogy: This is one of the most popular love triangle. I am, of course Team Peeta. Peeta just seems to be the perfect fit for Katniss because she has had enough violence to last her a life time.
2. Day, June, & Anden of the Legend Trilogy: This is my second favorite love triangle because even though I ship June with Day, I still really like Anden, and that's not exactly an easy thing to do. I also love how Marie Lu ended this love triangle, but I'm not going to spoil you this awesome series.

1. Will, Tessa, & Jem of the Infernal Devices Trilogy: Yes. I did put a a picture of MY sweet sweet William Herondale So, it should be obvious by now how much I love Will Herondale. This is, in my opinion is the perfect love triangle and you will know my reasoning if you read the book :D

Here is the link to the goodreads group:

So, that was my Top 5 Love triangles. I hope you enjoyed it. What are some of your top 5 love triangles?

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