Monday, July 28, 2014

Mockingjay Teaser Trailer Review


My initial reaction when I saw this picture:

in my twitter feed, was:


After I watched the trailer, I was like asdfhjkl. I was at a loss of word. After watching it 2 more times, I started paying attention to the details. I wasn't sure about Julianne Moore as president Coin before watching this, but after seeing this, you can't not love the casting for this movie. I was surprised by how good the wig was for Jennifer Lawrence, which made me really happy. The head tattoo for Cressida was spot on and Natalie Dormer looks amazing. The scene in District 8(?) was so good, it was just the right amount of sad and hopeful. The action scenes are scary. When J-Law said " I will " I got chills.

All in all, this trailer was amazing. I do wish that we got to see the actual trailer, but I guess this trailer has done it's job. To tease us, and of course, to make us more excited (like we aren't) for the movie. I feel like this trailer was a bit anti-climactic, because the second propaganda was better in my opinion. What was your reaction to the trailer? What was your favorite part? Tell me your feels in the comment section below.

If you haven't watched the trailer, what are you waiting for!

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