Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Versatile Blogger Award

A new blogger award! I was nominated by the awesome people that is Haley and Carina from My Addiction Books & Jayne from Booking Awesome. Thanks so much for nominating me!


1. Thank the person who nominated you and include a link back to their post
2. Select 15 blogs/bloggers that you've recently discovered or follow regularly and that you think are excellent
3. Let them know they've been nominated (be sure to send them a link for the post)
4. Tell your nominees 7 things about yourself.

1. To start from the basic, I am an Indonesian girl living in Texas, a girl of two siblings, and a girl of black hair.

2. My favorite animals are cats.

3. I (well, my family) used to have 4 cats in Indonesia before we left them for US. One day, a black cat followed my maid inside the house after she took out the trash. We ignored it, of course, until it became a she who was pregnant and about to give birth soon. So, we gave her a home in our garage so that she can have her kittens. One day after I came back from school my mom told me that she (the cat, not my mom :P) had 3 kittens. We couldn't play with them until the 3rd week, when we let them free inside the house. After that, I played with them and watched them grow. It was so heartbreaking to leave them. More so when the phone where I had pictures of them when haywire and deleted everything. Including the pictures.

4. I lived in Australia for two years when I was in preschool, and one of the only thing I could vividly remember that at school, we had nap time. Amazing, right? We would have blankets at school and just took a nap. I miss those days.

5. I have glasses, and my friends asks why I don't change to contacts, but to be truthful, I am scared of them. The only reason is that when I was about 8 (or was it 10?), I was in a McDonald restroom, and I saw somebody putting theirs on. Me being so young, I thought that the lady was poking her eyes. I didn't even know what contacts were. It was a very traumatizing experience.

6. My obsession with BTVS started when I saw Buzzfeed's post of Beginner's Guide to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I saw this really awesome picture that perfectly depicts my road to obsession. I'll link it here. Anyways I'm in the beginning of season 6 (and 3 for Angel).

7. I am obsessed with quotes. You probably already know it, but it's true. I have a board in Pinterest that has 400+ quotes and it's s little bit ridiculous, but who cares!

I nominate (I'm just going to do 4):
Anna from Unqenchable Reads
Jasmen from This Girl Reads a Alot
Amber from Books of Amber
Katie from Kittens and Books

Okay! That's it for today. It's good to be back in the blogging routine. Thanks for reading!

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