Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Beautiful Covers

Hi guys! Today's post is about book covers and what things I like to find in them. Now, we're all familiar with the concept of "don't judge a book by it's cover", right? But of course, since we are all humans (hopefully), we just can't help it. So, book cover designers (is that even what you call them?), take notes, because I'm going to talk about aspects that I think makes an awesome cover :D

The first and foremost, is, of course, typography. This is the one thing that is sure to catch my eyes whenever I'm looking for a new book. I like fonts that aren't too loud and intricate, and it's a plus if they match with what the book is about.

A memorable simple logo like the Hunger Games or Legend trilogy are awesome examples. Whenever I see these logos, I always think of the corresponding books and I think that to have a symbol that is original to the books is great.

Drawn people is another thing that I really like. I hate actual people in covers, but drawn ones usually looks awesome. Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Celaena are some of the people that are drawn in the covers of their books, and I honestly really like how they're depicted.

Any covers that have awesome color schemes are a plus to me. I like white back ground with splashes of colors like the A Thousand Pieces of You or I'll Give You the Sun covers are lovely. The new Stephanie Perkins books have great color schemes too.

Last but certainly not least, is simplicity. If the covers have too many things on it, and it looks crowded, all I think would be ugh -and I don't think anybody would want that. A brilliant examples are all the books by Rainbow Rowell.

And that is it for today's post. It's not the longest, but since it's talking about covers, I'd rather show you a bunch of beautiful covers than bore you to death with descriptions of them. Well, what are some of your favorite cover?

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  1. All of these covers are really pretty! I've only read Throne of Glass, but Champion is on my TBR. I agree with what you said about drawn people looking better on covers than actual people.
    Great post, Alma! :)

    ~Haley @ My Addiction: Books

    PS. I nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award: