Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Bout of Books 13: Day 1- 2 Update

Bout of BooksHi guys! This is yesterday's update that was supposed to be posted yesterday night, but I forgot, so here you go now. So sorry!

Today's day 2 of the Bout of Books 13 readathon -I survived :) I'm going to do updates for every two days of the readathon so that they won't be too short. So. I finished two books that I started before the readathon, started a book and read a semi-novela type thing. Here's what I mean:

Pages read:
The Unbound: pg. 295-357 (62)
The Outsider: pg. 131-180 (49)
Leave the Window Open (the mini short story that Victoria Schwab posted on her blog): how would you even count this?
Miss Mayhem: pg. 0-42 (42)
The Coldest Girl in Coldtown: pg. 0-16 (16)

Total: 169

Yay! I'm pretty proud of myself for reading over 100 pages, considering all the school stuff happening. I don't want to set a strict goal for myself for how many pages I read, but the tentative goal is at least 500. I know, not a lot, but I don't want to take away the fun from the readathon, so I'm sticking to it :D

How are you doing? How many pages have you read? Tell me in the comments below :)

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